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The GPR® (Guidelines for Prescription in Renal Disease)

Since 2000, the GPR®, are the French Reference as prescription handbooks providing guidelines based on the international literature on how to prescribe drugs in patients with renal insufficiency.

Each volume presents recommendations for one therapeutic class of drugs, based on data from the international literature, as tables for drug dosage adjustment.



Nearly 30 volumes have been edited yet, including all editions:

  • GPR® Neurologie (1st ed., 2002)
  • GPR® Insuffisance Coronaire (1st ed., 2002)
  • GPR® Antihypertenseurs (1st ed., 2002)
  • GPR® Antidépresseurs & Anxiolytiques (1st ed., 2004)
  • GPR® Antiarythmiques (1st ed., 2004)
  • GPR® Hypolipémiants (1st ed., 2004)
  • GPR® Insuffisance Cardiaque (1st ed., 2005)
  • GPR® Hémostase (1st ed., 2005)
  • GPR® Antidiabétiques Oraux (1st ed., 2005)
  • GPR® Immunosuppresseurs (1st ed., 2006)
  • GPR® Dialyse Péritonéale (1st ed., 2006)
  • GPR® Urologie (1st ed., 2006)
  • GPR® Médecine Générale (1st ed., 2007)
  • GPR® Antalgiques & Anti-Inflammatoires (2nd ed., 2007)
  • GPR® Antibiotiques & Antifongiques (3rd ed., 2008)
  • GPR® Anticancéreux (4th ed., 2009)
  • GPR® Médicaments de l’Anémie (1st ed., 2009)
  • GPR® Métabolisme (2nd ed., 2010)
  • GPR® Antiviraux (4th ed., 2010)
  • GPR® Produits de Contraste (1st ed., 2010)
  • GPR® Neurologie (2nd ed., 2011)
  • GPR® Rhumatologie (1st ed., 2011)
  • GPR® Antifongiques Systémiques (3rd ed., 2012)



Through the SiteGPR®, every healthcare practitioner may access those data online on ho to prescribe drugs in patients with renal insufficiency.

Simple tools are available to evaluate your patient's renal function, using the recommended formulaes (Cockcroft-Gault and aMDRD).

Dedicated to healthcare practitioners, the subscription rate to SiteGPR® is 30 euros/year (VAT excluded).

To subscribe, go to « subscribe » - Members Area.

Last update : 08 august 2012

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